Totally Random: The 40 Things Before 40 List



A fellow blogger and web extraordinaire Uncommon Chick wrote a post called “40 Things Before 40 List…Time to Get Started!” which is a list of 40 things she would like to accomplish by the time she’s 40 years old. At the end of the post, she challenged others to create a list as well to help them visualize their own goals.  Well after days of indecision (and fright! Lol) I finally sat down and thought about some things I would like to do before I turn 40.  Here they are below:

  1. Go on a cruise (every time I plan one I have to postpone it)
  2. Travel across the globe (maybe to France or China)
  3. Visit Seattle, WA
  4. Visit Maine
  5. Go sailing
  6. Take a yoga class
  7. Run in a marathon
  8. Go inside the Statue of Liberty
  9. Visit Mall of America
  10. Go to Brazil
  11. Go to Australia
  12. Learn to ice skate
  13. Become a pro at web design
  14. Become a pro at graphic design
  15. Parasail
  16. Snorkel
  17. Do more horseback riding (did it a few times and loved it!)
  18. See a show on Broadway in NYC
  19. Attend the Essence Music Festival
  20. Attend a MAJOR  jazz festival
  21. Spend more time with my hubby’s side of the family
  22. Attend a Superbowl
  23. Attend an NBA game
  24. Attend a Hockey game
  25. Gather the evening gowns that I can no longer fit and donate them to charity
  26. Hold a garage sale
  27. Drive cross-country (longest drive so far: 22 hours)
  28. Revisit my love for making arts and crafts
  29. Try sushi (at least once!)
  30. Take each of my children on their own personal “Mommy and Me” trip to a different city
  31. Learn to make Pumpkin bread from scratch
  32. Learn to make raisin bread from scratch
  33. Plant a tree successfully (trees do not seem to like me :( )
  34. Become a better gardener
  35. Diversify my wardrobe more
  36. Drive an industrial truck
  37. Drive a stick shift
  38. Raise a pet from infant-age
  39. Publish a book
  40. Become a better wife, mother, friend, and overall person


Doing this list was not only fun, but it also helped me to realize some new things about myself.  Looking over the list, I’m a little surprised by some things that made the list, and even more surprised by things that didn’t.  It made me realize that sometimes outside influences can greatly affect what we see as important for ourselves in our lives.  When we remove those influences, we’d be surprised as to what we discover is really important to us.

Have you ever created a 40 things by 40 list (or any other age)? Share with me below or tell me about it at: