In Memoriam: The Inspiration of Whitney Houston


On the afternoon of February 11 2012, the world lost a true icon. Whitney Houston, one of the most beloved singers of our generation, passed away in Beverly Hills, California. As the news broke and began to spread, the world stood frozen in shock, disbelief, and overwhelming sadness. Her untimely passing is one that will be difficult for many to accept for some time.

I, like others, am still trying to come to grips with this news. The music of Whitney Houston has celebrated with me during the highest points of my life, and encouraged me during some of my lowest ones. Throughout her life no matter what, Whitney showed that at the end of the day, she was human. With every major blow she would always—always work to recover and bounce back. Even up to her very last day, she was striving to make a return to film, serving as star and executive producer of the remake of  70’s classic film, Sparkle. Her strength and resiliency has served as a model to me many times; giving me the inspiration that I needed to overcome my own life’s struggles. I will truly miss her.

I really love all of the Whitney Houston songs, but my number one favorite song of hers is one that did not have the benefit of topping the charts. It did not get much fanfare or airplay, and I don’t believe that she ever even performed it live. Nevertheless, it is my favorite because of its message. In the song Step By Step, Whitney Houston sings of what sounds like a testament of her life: the truth of the inevitability of obstacles and missteps that life may bring, and the fact that ultimate triumph is attainable as long as you take things day-by-day and keep your determination and faith that it is possible. It is a song that I play often to this day whenever I need an instant uplift. At times when I feel my worst, this song is the one that inspires me to keep going. I hope that it inspires you too.


Whitney Houston:  We love you. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.



Enjoy today’s Music Monday’s selection:  “Step By Step” by Whitney Houston.


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