The Best Way to Deal with Difficult Life Issues



When negative things happen in your life: someone does something to betray your trust, hurt your pride or your feelings, or cause you to become extremely angry, what can you do? When you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of problems, defeats, and frustrations, what is the best way to handle them?


When difficult life issues arise, there are two things that you can do. You can either run from the issues; or you can do what is best—learn from them.


You can learn what to do. You can learn what not to do ever again. You can learn vital characteristics about yourself—weaknesses and strengths that you never knew you had. You can learn who is truly in your corner to support you, and who is only there for ulterior motives. You can use all of these lessons to improve your life and move closer to the physical, mental, and emotional place that you were designed to be.


There is no benefit in running from difficult life issues. The problem with running is simple. When you run, you are bound to eventually fall into the ditch of “remembrance replay”, putting so much focus on the past that it restricts you from moving forward. The longer you run, the longer you delay any progress towards your future. Even if you are fortunate enough to make some progress, your mind will still be stuck in the past, which will hinder you ever arriving to your full potential.


Successful people don’t let old thoughts crowd out the new ones from their mind.


When you work to find the lessons in situations, you gain an immense feeling of emotional freedom. You also develop strength and wisdom that can help you to be better prepared in case similar issues presents themselves again.


You may not be able to change any outcomes, and you may not be able to repair the emotions that occurred, but you can apply the lessons learned towards resolving the issues and getting them out of your system. That way, you can free yourself to go forward.


The pace of life is much too fast for us to dwell on the same things over and over. Trust me when I say that you are wasting valuable time when you allow that to happen. Whether your issues happened years ago or a moment ago, keep in mind that they are now still considered a part of the past. What’s done is done—now is the time to decide on a course of action for your emotional independence.


No more sulking. No more pity parties. No more running. Put all of that away and buckle down and map out a way through it. –You can do this! Running away from difficult life issues does not solve anything. Neither does staying present and trying to ignore them.


Go ahead—be brave and face it! Learn the key points that you need so that you can get to a happier state of being.



How do you normally deal with difficult issues? Do you find yourself running from them or otherwise ignoring them? What are some other things that you feel you can learn from dealing with your issues head-on? Share with me below or tell me about it at: