Music Mondays: Thanksgiving and the Misconception Of Being Blessed

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Thanksgiving is always such a special time. It is the one day out of the year that time is given to reflect and express gratitude for everything in life, big and small.

A lot of people associate having a reason to be thankful with being happy. But being thankful is not about having happiness—it is about having joy.

Confused?  Let me clarify. I want to share a statement on happiness:


“The word ‘happiness’ is derived from the word ‘happening’—meaning whatever is happening in your life is what determines your happiness. So if things are going well for you, then you’re happy. If they’re not going good, then you’re not happy. Because of this, happiness can be such an up-and-down roller coaster that one would be unwise to base their lives on it solely.”  [H.H.]


In comparison, here is a statement on joy:


“Joy is a Source of delight—of inner peace.  It is what lies underneath all emotions, no matter what happens to a person.”  [K.S.]


See, happiness is fleeting. Joy is not. And as long as you have joy, you have a great reason to be thankful.


Another misconception is you can only be thankful if you’re blessed, and that being blessed equates to success, wealth, and material possessions. 

But . . .

Being blessed is not about the superficial. It is about those gifts of life that money and status cannot buy: family, friends, health, and love. It is not about only being in a position to receive; it is also about being able to give.

Realize that there are so many things to be thankful for not just during Thanksgiving season, but every day. Never do yourself the disservice of getting so focused on emotions or “the big stuff” believed to be missing from life that you fail to see the value of the “little things.” Take a moment look around and you will see how blessed you truly are.


Enjoy this week’s Music Mondays selection, ‘Blessed’ by Neo Soul artist Jill Scott.



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