3 Steps To Manage Anxiety With A New Career

manage-anxiety-with-a-new-careerBeginning a new career can be exciting, but at the same time, it can also make you very nervous. Becoming familiar with the ins and outs of your career description is only the tip of the iceberg— new work environment, new people, and a host of new policies and procedures to adapt to means a continuous wave of learning new things. And while the adjustment period is different for everyone, there are some who struggle with feeling overwhelmed. When this happens, there are some things that you you can do to get your mind, body, and spirit moving in the proper direction.


3 Steps To Manage Anxiety With a New Career


Prepare Your Day — Earlier

Set your alarm 30-45 minutes early and aim to get  at least 10-20 minutes early every day. Make it your goal to have your emails read and handled, work necessities in place and your coffee prepared well before you begin your work day. This can help to minimize the nervousness, and start your day with a positive balance.

 Manage Anxiety with a new career

“Settle In” Your Workspace

When you move into a new apartment, it never feels like your own until your boxes are unpacked and it feels “like home.” While you cannot completely personalize your work space to the same degree, you should apply the same principle: You will feel more settled once everything is geared up.  Add family photos, set up your email signature and voicemail accounts, and buy some office supplies for your desk that showcase your unique style. All of this will help to make you feel more comfortable.

Manage Anxiety with a new career

Be Mindful Of Self-Talk

It seems obvious—but too many of us talk down to ourselves, which in turn makes us feel bad and ramps up our nerves. If you find yourself getting frustrated, remember that roadblocks, learning curves, and mistakes are inevitable during this time, and give yourself a little pep talk both internally and externally. You will feel better overall and your new colleagues will see you as someone who is calm under pressure.

Manage Anxiety with a new career

Managing anxiety with a new career is a skill that takes time to master, but putting a few practices into place, staying calm and positive will make you feel better about your new career and help you in the future as well.


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Manage Anxiety with a new career


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.Manage Anxiety with a new career


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