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peeples movie review

Peeples Movie Reviewpeeples-movie-reviewWhenever a new movie releases with a seemingly familiar plot, I become very skeptical to see it in theater. I am not one for spending my money in hopes of being entertained only to be able to easily predict what’s coming next. There has to be something more that makes it worth my time.


And I am happy to say that “something more” is exactly what I found with the movie Peeples.

 ..Peeples Movie Review

“Peeples,” directed by newcomer Tina Gordon Chism and presented by Tyler Perry is a film that is definitely more than meets the eye.



The synopsis simply states: “Sparks fly when Wade Walker crashes the Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace’s hand in marriage,” and as you can see in the trailer above, that appears to be all there is to it. But film actually goes much deeper than it seems. I found “Peeples” to be about an awareness of self and others, as well as the key components of successful family/friend relationships.

 ..Peeples Movie Review


Here are some of the inspiring points that I found while viewing the film:

 ..Peeples Movie Review

In all situations, be true to who you are. Your likes, dislikes, quirks, are the treasures in which rests your value. At the end of the day, no matter the level of the relationship, those who are purposed to be in your life will accept, respect, appreciate, and even love your transparency and uniqueness.


It is always bad business to conceal your natural character for the purpose on trying to impress or please other people. Sure, attempting to do so may work temporarily, but eventually the ‘curtain of character’ will either fall on its own, or be removed unexpectedly by someone else. And when that happens, all you know what can break loose.

 ..Peeples Movie Review

The strongest takeaway from this film is that sometimes the very people you are going through great lengths to hide your authentic self from may also be doing the exact same with you.  One person doing it in a relationship is bad enough, but when there are a number of people behaving the same way, it can surely lead to disaster.

.Peeples Movie Review

On its surface, “Peeples” is not the greatest move—the storyline, characters, and plot twists are ones that have been seen in movies a few times before. However, if you can look past the familiarity of the ‘high-level overview’ of the script and dig deeper, you will discover the life lessons nestled within.

..Peeples Movie Review


“Peeples” opened in select theaters on May 10. It stars veteran comedian David Allen Grier, actress Kerry Washington (Scandal), Craig Robinson; with legends Mevin Van Peebles and Diahann Carroll. To learn about the film, > click Here.<

..Peeples Movie Review


  • On the surface it did look a little cliche and predictable. I wanted to watch it because Kerry Washington is in it and I’ve loved her since Save the Last Dance. I might go give it a see after reading this. I like movies that have a deeper meaning that what we see on the surface.
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  • Deone Higgs says:

    I really appreciate your take on this, Makeba. I can’t say that I was interested in seeing this movie. Like you, it seemed like it was going to be sorta, “Been there, Done that.”

    However, I enjoyed reading your takeaway. Realtalk: When we choose to change for people we will always pay dearly for it in the long run. One way is likely to be us losing ourselves.

    Great post, beloved. Thanks again for giving us the 411 on Peeples.
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