New Year Equals New Beginnings


The old year is now gone, and the New Year has now arrived. Any disappointments, frustrations, sadness or bitterness that you had in the old year–leave it there. Any bad break-ups, toxic relationships or friendships, any thoughts or feelings of past failures and regrets– it is now time to leave it all behind. On this January 1st , RIGHT NOW is the time to MOVE FORWARD! The Universe has given you a clean slate — use it and use it wisely!!



This is the message that I posted on my Facebook page on New Year’s Day.  It is a message that came from the heart because last year I  experienced and witnessed the mental, physical, and emotional strain that the endurance of a host of trials and tribulations can have on someone who is trying their best to keep a smile on their face and a positive attitude.  The year was definitely one where everyone went through a personal storm in some form or another—some more severe than others.

Immediately after Christmas I took time away from the internet, friends, and family to do much soul-searching regarding all that I had witnessed last year. After much reflection, it occurred to me that last year was the year for learning—learning about yourself, your life, and everyone and everything that is a part of it.  It was the year of “crash-course personal development” from the Creator—His way of shaping and molding us into His divine order and design to prepare us for the destiny that He has for us.

For this to take place, the process of ‘going through the fire and floods’ of life was mandatory—the fire to burn away all of our life toxins; the floods to wash away the debris.  It is only with this process that we could be fully ready to step into the Next: the next chapter in our life’s journey; the next level of the blessings that await us. Just like a storage room that is filled to capacity, nothing new can go inside until older items are taken out. Similarly, if we continued to hold on to disappointments, regrets, and toxic situations, then we would never have the capacity available in our lives to accept new opportunities.

The old year is now gone, and the New Year has now arrived.  In the new year, let us make a commitment to leave all of the pain of last year behind and walk boldly into our new beginnings.  Let’s dedicate ourselves to moving forward and living the greatest life possible throughout the year.

 The New Year has given us a new slate—a clean storage space—and we should do our very best to use it wisely.

  • Catwoman

    I wish a happy and successful new year, too! Now I’m already trying to reach my new goals for the new year, I’ve just made some really big resolutions:)

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: That’s great to hear!! So glad to know that this post inspired you to make big resolutions–and I am most confident that you will achieve all of them! ~Thank you so much for commenting and I wish you much success this year! 🙂

  • Love your blog! I Love you story on new beginnings. 2011 was a year of learning for me as well, and I’m starting my own new beginning this year.

    Take care,

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: Congrats to you on your new beginnings! I am sure that 2012 will be a year of learning for everyone–learning more and more about ourselves, our strengths and abilities. I will definitely check out your blog post as well–I wish you all the best in your endeavors for this year! ~Thank you so much for your kind words and I appreciate you commenting! 🙂

  • New beginnings! I think that New Years should be a goal setter’s holiday. One of the things I love about this time of year is the opportunity to start again and do it better than last year.

    I’ve got clear cut goals that I will accomplish this new year and I am well on my way to reaching them.

    I’m not sure what those Mayans were talking about, but all I see is great things this new year!

    Happy New Year to you!

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: Yes that is what I love most about the start of a new year also: it operates as a reminder that we do indeed have an opportunity to move forward and make our lives better than before–better than ever if we just set our goals and dedicate ourselves to accomplishing them.

      So happy to hear that you New Beginning is off to a great start, and I wish you all the best! Happy New Year to you as well and thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

  • New beginnings can happen at any moment, but the new year can be a good symbol to start over. Thanks for the inspiration, here’s to the new world we build in 2012!

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: You are most welcome! 🙂

      What you stated is true indeed. Sometimes things happen in life throughout the year where we wish that we could start anew, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the inspiration needed to do so. I have always believed that the beginning of a new year provides such inspiration to many. It is definitely a great symbol! I appreciate your kind words and wishing you the very best in 2012! ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

  • Awesome post! I always love your website. I know I’m trying to start with a clean slate. I’ve learned so much from 2011, my wisdom teeth sprouted up LOL 😉 Happy New and Blessed Year to you!

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: I can definitely relate to you on that one!! LOL I’m grateful for the many lessons learned; ready to use them to make 2012 a much better year! We are starting fresh–it will be a great year for you: count on it!! Thank you so much for your kind words and wishing you the best year ever!! ~ I appreciate you commenting! 🙂

  • I completely resonate with this post! Last year was a lot of going through fire and floods for me as well. I am completely looking forward to 2012 in hopes of many flowers blooming!

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: I am glad to know that you enjoyed this post and was able to resonate with it! I’m with you: I am welcoming the year of 2012 with open arms trusting and believing that it will be a much greater year for us all. ~Thank you so much for commenting and wishing you a year filled with Blessings! 🙂

  • well Happy, blessed new year to you!

    • MELISASource

      Greetings: Thank you so much and wishing you the very best this year! 🙂