The Hidden Truth Behind Cold And Flu Remedies

The Hidden Truth Behind Cold And Flu Remedies #health #coldremedies #fluremedies


I have been very lucky this winter season! So far, I have not gotten a cold or the flu. My children have managed to dodge getting sick, too! It is so true that nothing is more disruptive to your life than when you catch the flu or a cold. Although you have done your best to avoid people that are sick, have increased your vitamin C intake and gotten a flu shot, you are still at risk for illness during the winter season. The flu shot can only offer you some immunity to reduce your chances of falling ill with the virus. Before you decide to try and power through your illness, it is important for you take some time to baby your body so that your health improves. You don’t have to stop everything that you are doing cold turkey. However, you do need to listen to your body, get more rest and try some home remedies.

While you should not believe or try everything that you hear, some cold and flu remedies are very beneficial and can help to keep your illness from becoming worse.

Before you go asking your friends, family and colleagues for suggestions, take a look at these remedies to find out which ones are real and effective at treating the common cold and flu and which ones are not.


Cold and Flu Remedies: Fact vs Fiction
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Contrary to popular belief, there is no cure for the common cold or flu. That does not mean that home remedies are useless. In fact, some home remedies can help you to feel better and quite possibly shorten the duration of your illness.

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