Manage Your #HeartHealthGoals with Free Blood Pressure Testing at @Walgreens

Blood Pressure Testing
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Regular blood pressure screenings are important in maintaining your heart health. It is one of the many components that are crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. In the past, the only way to conduct blood pressure testing was at a doctor’s office. Fortunately, times have changed, and there are a variety of blood pressure testing options available to accommodate our busy lives.


Free Blood Pressure Testing at Walgreens

One option is at Walgreens, where during the month of February Walgreens is offering FREE blood pressure testing…did I mention, it’s FREE?


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Oh and to add to that, when you take advantage of this service at Walgreens you’ll also receive 500 Balance® Rewards points* which can be used to save money on other items you may want to pick up while you’re there! Learn more about earning points when you monitor and maintain your heart health at


I made a commitment to get serious about my heart health and overall health this year. I feel relieved knowing that I don’t have to do it alone. Along with my doctor, I have the help of Walgreens’ pharmacists and products to keep my momentum going.


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Manage Your #HeartHealthGoals with a Free Blood Pressure Testing at Walgreens


I love that Walgreens offers free blood pressure testing at their pharmacies nationwide. It is good to know that I can stop in during clinic hours to get a quick screening. While I’m there, I can also take advantage of their many other health and wellness services.


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If I ever have any questions or concerns about my heart health goals or need expert medication advice, the knowledgeable and courteous Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and Walgreens pharmacy staff are readily available to help me with the information that I need, and guide me to the products that best match my goals.


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Walgreens has so many heart health products available to choose from. Everything is easy to find in the store, and is coupled with Walgreens brochures that share tips and advice for heart health management. I love the at-home blood pressure monitor the most, as well as the wide array of heart health vitamins and supplements. What’s even better, Walgreens is helping you save money! First, start with a free blood pressure test, then get these bonus coupons to earn on these items:


Manage Your #HeartHealthGoals with a Free Blood Pressure Testing at Walgreens


Since I have a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease, meeting and maintaining my heart health goals is extremely important to me. I am glad to know that blood pressure testing is as convenient as stopping in to my neighborhood Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, or even performing it on my own at home or on the go. It’s good to know that my #HeartHealthGoals are well within my reach.


Take advantage of the February Heart Health Offers available at Walgreens:

  • Get a FREE blood pressure test and get 500 Balance® Rewards points
  • 5000 Balance® Rewards points with purchase of 4 Walgreens brand vitamins and supplements
  • $3 off Walgreens brand Glucosamine products
  • 5,000 Balance® Rewards points when you purchase a Blood Pressure monitor
  • Get a FREE blood pressure test and receive a FREE AARP membership
  • Balance Rewards for healthy choices® (
    • You get points for logging your blood pressure, tracking activity like walking or cycling, and setting healthy goals.


*Not available in AR, NJ or NY. Must present Balance® Rewards card in pharmacy to redeem offer.

Offer valid 1/31/16-2/27/16 only.

No purchase necessary. Limit one redemption per card member. Restrictions apply. Due to state and federal laws, points cannot be earned or redeemed on some items, and points will not be earned in a transaction where store credit or redemption dollars are used.

See full terms and details at

†Coupons print at register. Restrictions, exclusions and expirations apply to coupon redemption. See coupon for details.

Balance® Rewards members earn points on qualifying purchases. See details at


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  • That’s awesome that Walgreens has a service like that! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there.

  • Becca

    I have been able to get great advice from the pharmacy at Walgreens. They always go out of their way to answer questions. I also love that you can check your blood pressure in the store!

  • christina aliperti

    I love this because every once in while my bp goes up kind of high. So it’s easy for me to check it while I shop instead of going to the doctor for something so fast.

  • I am just loving this great idea as you could shop & check your blood pressure for free as well at the same time to make sure you are healthy enough. It feels good when you can have a health checkup during your shopping.

  • It’s really great that Walgreens is offering this and that is free!! Awesome!

  • Rosey

    A good friend of mine just went. They helped her determine she had an ear infection. I don’t know if she got her blood pressure checked or not, but I know she was raving about walgreens being way better than the doctor for wait time.

  • Wow, Walgreens has quite the assortment – thanks for the discounts.
    And, it is even better knowing blood pressure monitoring is included in this diversity!

  • I think it’s great that Walgreens offers this. And that it is FREE and they reward you. Awesome!

  • I didn’t know Walgreens offered free BP testing! That’s a great perk for visiting
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  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a great way to check your blood pressure and get some shopping done. I will have to try it out on my next trip to Walgreens.

  • Nicole

    These is really great that Walgreens is offering a free blood pressure screening 🙂

  • I love the fact that Walgreens makes it easy for people to check their blood pressure and to earn points while they’re at it. I like the fact that I can earn points by monitoring my steps with my Fitbit.

  • I love that you can access testing supplies and simple treatments like flu shots at Walgreens and not have to go see a doctor. It’s so smart!

  • Tracey

    I really love that Walgreens offers this free service. It is so great to see them placing importance on blood pressure and health in this way.

  • I love how supportive and encouraging the Walgreens Wellness program is and only wish there was one closer to where I live. I really like their rewards program and find myself traveling almost an hour to my closest Walgreens! lol

  • Thanks for sharing these heart healthy options at Walgreens! I’m a little bummed that they’re not offered in NY 😕

  • that’s great for those that need to be checked and can’t do it at home.

  • This is great. I love that Walgreens has stepped up and offered this freebie. It’s so important

  • Liz

    I think this is an awesome way to get people in to have their blood pressure taken. The points are a great incentive.

  • Good to know that they offer free blood pressure tests. That’s really great for people who love to check their health.

  • i like checking it when i am in the store 🙂

  • Kimberly K

    I like how convenient Walgreens is and customer service is great there. I see that machine when I go, but have never indulge – I should!

  • Yolanda

    I frequent Walgreens pretty often and have even used the Minute Clinic. This give me just one more reason to visit Walgreens.

  • Bim

    This is just one more reason to love Walgreen’s. They make healthcare about more than just filling prescriptions.
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  • Pam

    I always check my blood pressure when I visit the pharmacy. How cool that I can get my blood pressure tested free AND get bonus rewards!

  • Catherine S

    I didn’t know the Walgreens offered free blood pressure screening. I normally only have mine checked when I go to the doctor. I will keep this in mind.

  • Robin

    I come from a family of healthcare professionals, so I can get mine tested right at home. So happy that their options for people who don’t have it as easy as I do 🙂