Dannon Pledges to Help You #KnowYourYogurt Better

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As food science advances, a very common and important question that is often asked, and should be asked is ‘What’s in our food?’ As consumers, we would all like to know exactly what we are purchasing. As a mom, I know that having food labels that are clear and honest would make me feel a lot better about what I am feeding my family.

With all of this being said, progress is being made, specifically Dannon’s yogurt is striving to make changes because they care about what we consumers think.


Dannon Pledges to Help You #KnowYourYogurt Better


I love yogurt. My family loves yogurt. I enjoy Dannon’s Fruit at-the-Bottom cups while my kids enjoy Danimals. As healthy and harmless as yogurt may seem, it too can be made with questionable ingredients. That is one of the many reasons why Dannon has committed themselves to be better.

Dannon has pledged to move some of its top selling brands such as Dannon, Danimals, and Oikos toward being made without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Dannon recognizes that most cow feed has GMOs and so they have begun working to get non-GMO feed planted. As soon as cows are being fed non-GMO feed then the mentioned Dannon brands will be made with the GMO free milk. Dannon is the first yogurt brand to commit to transitioning to non-GMO ingredients. They have pledged to have all Dannon brand products made with non-GMO ingredients by the end of 2017.

It is comforting to know that Dannon cares about families. Even though they genuinely believe that the GMOs are safe, they listened to us as we asked for more non-GMO products and decided to make the change.

As I mentioned earlier, we have what the labels tell us. We want labeling to be clear and honest so that we can make informed decisions about the foods that we put into our shopping carts at the grocery store. Dannon recognizes this and respects us as the consumers who support them, and that is why they have also committed to honestly labeling all of their products with or without GMOs by December 2017.

With their actions, Dannon has really showed that they care about what we think as consumers. Thank You Dannon.



This post contains content sponsored by The Dannon Company, Inc. The opinions expressed in my post are my own. For more information on Dannon’s move toward sustainable agriculture, naturality and transparency, and non-GMO ingredients visit www.dannonpledge.com and www.dannon.com/ingredients.



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  • I love reading about wholesome foods like this. And companies that really care about us!

  • Jennifer

    What a great step in the right direction for this company! Non GMO milk sounds like it is so much better for us all.

  • Robin

    I love that they are willing to share where their food is coming from. This is super important to me!

  • My mom grew up on a farm, and so I always hear stories about truly wholesome and delicious foods. I love that Dannon is making this pledge – I love their brand and product to begin with so this is just a plus for me!
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  • Kristi

    Always nice to read about companies listening to the consumers and making good changes.

  • As a mom of three, it’s important to me that I feed my kids the right way and give them products that won’t be harmful to their health. I love products that have honest labels, it makes me feel safer! This sounds like an amazing opportunity for people to learn more about the food that they eat!

  • I think this is great that Dannon is taking this pledge to let consumers know where their food is coming from. Kudos to them.

  • Jeanine

    Wow! This is great of Dannon! I think its fabulous and will start buying more Dannon if this is the case! right on!

  • It’s great that Dannon is doing this! A lot of companies are fighting hard to avoid being transparent about GMOs.

  • Val

    This is wonderful, I love hearing about companies that are trying to educate consumers about their product. Glad you shared this!

  • Way to go Dannon! I grew up eating this brand and still consider their fruit on the bottom yogurts to be one of my all time favorites.
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  • We love yogurt and it’s great to know more about our favorite yogurt!

  • Great to know that Dannon is making changes! We eat a lot of yogurt in my household.
    Shell latest inspiration..The Easiest Way to Help Your Child’s SchoolMy Profile

  • I’m so glad to hear that Dannon is moving away from GMOs. I love their yogurt, and I buy it all the time.
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  • Pam

    I love knowing where my food comes from. I think it’s great that Dannon is doing this and letting us get to know our yogurt!

  • Catherine

    Dannon is the only brand of yogurt that I buy. I am glad that they are doing this.

  • YEAH for less GMOs. That is so awesome, and I will look for that change!