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amazon prime student
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It’s that time again. The holiday is over and most colleges are heading back in session, which means getting prepared for the spring semester.

Usually preparing for school means going store to store hunting for textbook deals. Or even the massive crowds, long lines and sometimes confusion at the bookstore on campus. Overall, the whole thing can be an exhausting experience.

Of course, a one-stop shop is ideal – especially for the busy lifestyle of the college student. However, finding a good one-stop shop complete has proven to be just as exhausting.

Fortunately, not anymore. Amazon Prime (which I already find amazing) is offering a new service: Amazon Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Student offers students free two-day shipping, exclusive college deals, unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows with prime video and so much more!

I cannot tell you how beneficial the service has been to me and my college student! My oldest son and I started with the textbook store, which we were pleasantly surprised to discover offers savings of up to 80% off list price for rentals and up to 60% off purchases, saving time and money for college students during textbook shopping. Frustration-free textbook shopping made our preparation for the new semester a breeze!



Beyond the great pricing, my son loves that he can decide how long he wants to keep the books. I love that when it’s time to send the rentals back, Amazon covers the shipping fees. It is a win-win solution for ensuring that he has all the textbooks he needs for his classes without breaking the bank.

The textbook store is great, but I also know that my son isn’t hitting the books 24/7. When I peek into his room to check up on him, sometimes I’ll find that he’s taking a break – or not studying at all. I don’t mind it at all because I know that either way, Prime Student has him covered in that area, too.

Amazon Prime Student has added benefits like free game content every month for gamers. This includes member exclusive discounts on new release and pre-order boxed video games, and exclusive member content. Prime Student also offers unlimited listening to thousands of audio channels, such as TED talks and unlimited access to thousands of books with Prime Reading. Plus, the previously mentioned access to thousands of movies and TV shows. With so many features, he can get the study break that he needs whenever he needs it.


amazon prime student


In fact, the service covers all the bases for students, offering academic references and entertainment. I know I look forward to saving on the cost of my son’s textbooks! Plus, the audio and Prime Reading access comes in handy during his 4-hour doctor’s visits for his medical condition.

I also have no doubt that my son will be taking advantage of the unlimited movies (when he probably should be studying). 🙂 Heck, I may even take in a few movies alongside him to enjoy some mother-son bonding time! Any way you look at it, there’s endless opportunities, savings, and fun for college students and moms alike by being a part of Amazon Prime Student!


amazon prime studentWhatever your college student’s motivations are, Prime Student is a great resource for students and it’s available for a great deal. A Prime Student subscription is free for the first 6 months and students get 50% off the regular Amazon Prime membership at $49 annually. To learn more, visit the Amazon Prime Student website. You can also find out about the latest deals and promotions by following Amazon Prime Student on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Snapchat (add ‘amazonstudent’).

amazon prime student

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

amazon prime student

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  • He looks like such a trooper doing his medical treatment. He seems like he is going to do so well in school so good luck to him. I am glad Amazon have serves like this for college students now, I wish I had this 10 years ago!

  • Amy Desrosiers

    Amazon has the best services out there for students. I love the access to books, and materials that could be so costly otherwise.

  • With college textbooks getting so ridiculously expensive these days, it’s great that Amazon has this program to help parents and students save money on these. I’ll share this info to my friends!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I need to check out amazon prime student. I have two kids in college and books are so expensive. I will have to share this with my friends.

  • Melissa Chapman

    this is such great information to have! My nephew just started his second semester of college so I will definitely be sharing this post with him- I had no idea about Amazon Prime Student till I read this!

  • Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I did not know about this Amazon Prime Student until now. I wish I knew. I only have one more child in college and he as one more year to go. I wish they had this years ago when my kids were starting out in college. I would have been so convenient!

  • jennifer reyes

    What an amazing deal! This is perfect for college students! I we can avail of that here in PH. 😀

  • We are big fans of Amazon in my household. We are prime members.
    I think this is a real nice set-up Amazon has made for college kids.

  • Christina Richard

    Wow, and i thought Amazon couldn’t get any better! This is seriously awesome, and i know lots of friends that would benefit from this. I can’t wait to share this post with them!

  • gogrowgo

    Amazon Prime is amazing. We use it for everything. I know that it comes in handy when you have a college student for sure!

  • meagan goepferich

    Prime Student is a huge help. I know I used it when I was in college and it helped a lot.

  • Pam

    My son has Prime Student and loves it. It is a great way to save money on buying things that your student needs.

  • I use Amazon Prime but had no idea about Amazon Prime student, that’s super cool. Glad you shared this information 😉

  • Joyce Brewer

    I use my Amazon Prime almost every week to deliver something I’ve found there at a much better price than I’ve seen at stores.

  • That is such an awesome service. We have Amazon Prime, and we love it. I think a student version with more affordable books and free movies is pretty epic.

  • Robin Rue

    Hubby just asked me for a Prime membership and I am seriously thinking about it. We would get a lot of use out of it.